December 25, 2013


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UNIQUE BY NATURE is the brand of a Social Enterprise established in Istanbul, Turkey, by a woman entrepreneur, Sezer Aksoy.


For Whom?

Unique By Nature will target WOMEN in business life who

  • Appreciate the differences in herself and others;
  • Belong to the whole
  • Believe that everything is interdependent in the universe
  • Connect wih herself and other women
  • Celebrate her uniqueness like a fingerprint

The social part of our story is the FUNDING FOR WOMEN. This is a microcredit fund supporting women seeking to become entrepreneurs who in need of seed funding.

We allocate a proprtion of the UNIQUE BY NATURE sales revenues to the FUNDING FOR WOMEN. Funds are distributed as micro credit to the other women entrepreneurs who are in the early stage of their business.

By Doing this we are bridging the WOMEN to WOMEN.


Sezer Aksoy
Sezer Aksoy


The philosophy of UNIQUEBYNATURE stems from my observations that people are unique, different, and feel they are apart from others. However, being unique is something which is given to each of us by nature.

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