March 05, 2014

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 specs comparison

We compare Apple's latest flagship smartphone against its predecessor
GADGET DESIGNER Apple unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5Sat an event in San Francisco on Tuesday.
The firm clearly is hoping that iPhone 5 users will find its latest handset irresistable and will upgrade their year-old smartphones early, but some might argue that Apple hasn't changed enough to make it worth paying another £550 wedge of cash.
So, is the iPhone 5S worth the early upgrade? We've put the handset's specifications up against those of its predecessor to see whether you should go out and save your place in that growing queue outside the Apple Store.
Measurements, weight and design
iPhone 5S: 123.8x58.6x7.6mm, 112g
iPhone 5: 123.8x58.6x7.6mm, 112g
The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S are identical in size and weight, despite Apple's latest flagship smartphone having an improved camera and a faster chip under the bonnet. This is not a bad thing, as in our iPhone 5 review we pointed out that the handset is comfortable to use over long periods.
However, there are some slight design differences. While the iPhone 5 was available in only black and white, the new iPhone 5S will also be available in a champagne gold flavour. Although in our opinion it looks a little tacky, it likely will appeal to those who weren't too keen on the previous colour options. Apple has also discontinued the black model, replacing that with a new Space Grey flavour.
iPhone 5S: 4in 640x1136 resolution 326ppi Retina display
iPhone 5: 4in 640x1136 resolution 326pp Retina display
There's not much to compare about the displays, as Apple's iPhone 5S sports the exact same screen as its predecessor, despite earlier speculation that the firm planned a larger display for its latest flagship smartphone.
Still, it's hard to complain, as Apple's Retina display remains among the best in the mobile market.
Source: the INQUIRER