UNIQUEBYNATURE is a Social Entreprise, established at the end of 2013.

According to the results of several researchs, in US  % 80 of the key purchasing decisions are being made by the women.  However, women have been getting a small portion from this richness, especially in the third World countries the number of companies owned by women are very small as percentage. And, when we look at the property ownership we’ve seen the same picture also.

Women are producing,shopping, creating the wellness, values, however they  do not share these values equally.

On the other side, if we could increase the number of women in business life even % 10, this would make a big difference on the wellness and wealth of the World economy.

We decided to establish a sustainable worldwide social business model to empower the women entrepreneurship.


The philosophy of UNIQUEBYNATURE stems from my observations that people are unique, different, and feel they are apart from others. However, being unique is something which is given to each of us by nature.

As a proof just look at your fingerprints!


UNIQUEBYNATURE produces items  for the women in business life.  These products are hand made, high quality items such as real leather hand bags, clutches, wallets, tablet & phone covers, scarves... no two are the same and over time, new UBN items will be added to the product line.

The social part of our story is the Funding for Women International.  This  is a microcredit fund supporting notbankable women seeking to become entrepreneurs who are in need of seed capital. We allocate % 10 of the UBN gross profit to the Funding for Women International. Funds are distributed as micro credit to women entrepreneurs who are in the early stage of their business.

Our dream is to make UNIQUE By Nature a worldwide sustainable full circle social business.

And our goal in the next 3 to 5 years is, 


  • To make AT LEAST 5000 WOMEN owners of UBN PRODUCTS,
  • To have 50 CORPORATIONS  SUPPORT UBN and FFWInternational,
  • To distribute microcredit funds to 1000 WOMEN THROUGH FFWInternational.


This is your BRAND, because YOU ARE UNIQUE BY NATURE.

Each and every day you are using the UNIQUEBYNATURE products will become the celebration of your uniqueness.